A provocative juxtaposition of society and truth. My Name is Thank-You represents a part of humanity not everybody reaches but everybody can. It is a novel of the heart people by the heart people, a source of creative energy that sticks to the senses like tree frogs and hot tears.  The authentic characters and dialogue rise off the page and make the reader reconsider family, individuality, love, compassion, perspective and the power of the inside.  Secrets lie behind the beautiful voices of children who hold the things we thought we lost until we realized we hadn’t lost anything at all. When I read Kaizen Love’s work I ate my shadows and then ate them again as if they never existed before.

 -Melissa Hunter Gurney Founder of GAMBA Zine and Writer of La Gente Descalza

A reading of Kaizen Love’s first novel reveals an author’s amazing ability to meld a contiguous story of spontaneous optimism with a comparable account of hopeless loneliness, into a tale of two women. The result is a masterpiece of suspense and powerful sensitivity. This story, in its wondrous telling, is a certain candidate for Oprah’s Book Club; a deserving entry for “Best First Novel” awards; and should be brought to Steven Spielberg’s attention, as a logical successor to “The Color Purple.”The dialects and tones of diverse voices always ring true, and draw you relentlessly into a meticulously woven web of heartbreak and joy. Page by page, your anticipation and expectation, never correct, allows you to progress into the amazing story.For those of us who have ever sought out our origins, painful as the information may be, this is a story that will take us to the brink of hope, and perhaps beyond. Read the book to find out, I guarantee that you will love the experience.

-Arnold Abbott Founder and CEO of The Maureen A. Abbott Love Thy Neighbor Fund, Inc.                           

                                  and Author of “On A Poetic Life”: Biographic Essays in Rhyme. 

As a librarian I am continually recommended books, and finding books on my own… THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS! Without question- read it. This author weaves together the story of two girls and two wholly different experiences seamlesslyIt is an inspired work that another reviewer suggested is akin to ‘The Color Purple’ or, an Opera’s book club read- and he was dead onThis is a novel every mixed person can relate to, and I can personally remember feeling the way that ‘Thank-You” felt.

It is a story of love, loneliness, and the ultimate search to find human connections.

This book would be a gift I would give to anyone for any occasion.

-Denise Paddock Librarian and avid reader